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Bike tour – Infinite Cantabria!

On this route you will see the best in the province of Cantabria, you will visit natural reserves and waterfalls, medieval small villages and castles, and of course the most beautiful beaches of Spain. You will enjoy riding mountain serpentines, cool bends, excellent roads, watching picturesque landscapes, architecture monuments, since the Roman era and certainly the Spanish best cuisine!

1st Day. Transfer and arrival to hotel 3-4 stars in Laredo (Bilbao or Santander), then presentation of documents and route planning. Welcome dinner.

2nd Day. Route of 350 km. The day comes over in hotel of 3-4 stars in Laredo.

The route will pass on one of the most beautiful Reserves of Spain – Collados del Asón which main part is located in intermountain valleys Cordillera Cantabrica. The route will be saturated with fine panoramas from mountain tops to the ocean, on Cantabria capital – Santander and faraway mountains and small villages. We will visit Ason’s famous waterfalls, they are is the third on height in Spain. Further the route will pass on antique small villages of Burgos province, stretched on picturesque canyons of the river Ebro. Then we stop for lunch in one of the local restaurant of traditional mountain cuisine. Further on a route we will stop to visit Monastery Montesclaros, we’ll see the river Ebro and valleys of Vega de Pas. On a route there are 7 stops for pictures, snacks and lunch, also visiting of the Monastery and seeing of 2 waterfalls.

3rd Day. 180 km. The day comes over in hotel of 3-4 stars in Laredo.

This route is the shortest of all as we will carry out the main part of the day in the Safari – Cabarceno’s Nature Park, it’s a unique corner of nature, with unbelievable landscapes in which territory is represented flora and fauna from all continents are brought together and lead their natural free life. We will be able to make photo hunting, watching the most numerous herd of elephants in Europe, Pyrenean bears, ostriches, giraffes, hippopotamuses, gorillas, tigers and many other exotic animals. We´ll see the birds show of birds, and of sea lions show as well. Also on a route we will visit of peak of Peñacabarga to admired tremendous view of a bay of Santander. Peñacabarga is one the favorite stages of annual cycle race of Vuelta España, thanks to the dizzy bends and steep slopes. In the evening we will enjoy twisting roads ignored by the GPRS cards, especially recommended to fans of the wild nature and forgotten roads. On a route there are 7 stops for pictures, snacks and lunch and Motosafari to Cabarceno.

4th Day. 250 km. The day comes over in hotel of 3-4 stars in Santillana-del-Mar, the unique medieval small town in which the history comes to life. There is no building, constructed after the XVIII century. Santillana-del-Mar is considered as one of the most beautiful small town of Spain.

The route of the day will pass on the tops of mountain valleys of Campoo. It will be saturated with cool mountain serpentines. Further the route will pass in picturesque places of the Reserve of Saja, we will visit a live museum – Barcena Mayor – a cute village where we will have our lunch in small restaurant of traditional mountain cuisine famous for meats of wild animals like boar and a venison. As a conclusion of the route we will visit of the unique town of Comillas, its surprising abundance of palaces and architectural monuments , an envy for any big city. Right here in Comillas is where Antoni Gaudi’s constructed his first masterpiece of Palace “El Capricho”. And in this town the first electric bulb in Spain was lit. On a route there are 3 stops for pictures, snacks and lunch.

5th Day. 250 km. The day comes over in hotel of 3-4 stars in Santillana-del-Mar.

The route will begin visiting one of the biggest Natural Reserves of Spain – Peaks of Europe with tops up to 2800 meters. The road will pass through the dizzy gorge of La Hermida, the picturesque medieval city of Potes, the center of moonshining and occult sciences, further we will rise in Fuente Dé where on a ropeway we will overcome 800 meters in height and we will see the panorama of the Peaks of Europe. Upon return to Potes, we have lunch in a traditional cuisine restaurant. After lunch we will begin descent through Piedrasluengas peak, we will visit one of the most charming villages, Carmona famous place to make best coffee in Cantabria. Further we will ride fantastic serpentines and excellent roads, as if they were specially created for motor-run. On a route there are 5 stops for pictures, snacks, lunch and the elevator to the Peaks of Europe are planned.

6th Day. 250 km. The day comes over in hotel of 3-4 stars in Santillana-del-Mar.

The circular route of day will pass from a survey mountain platform of La Bolera de los Moros, further descent on a mountain serpentine of the gorge of La Hermida and “the devil highway”, conducting in Arenas de Cabrales where we have lunch. The following piece of a way is to the border with Asturias, you will remember it till the last kilometer! We visit ancient port Puerto del Mazuco and picturesque coastal Llanes. On a route there are 5 stops for pictures, snacks and lunch.

7th Day. 300 km. The day comes over in hotel of 3-4 stars in Santillana-del-Mar.

The route will pass to the mountain lakes Covadonga, in Asturian part of the Reserve Peaks of Europe. Covadonga and see Saint Cave of the Virgin of Covadonga where the Reconquista had started in 722 a.c., according to the legend Blessed Virgin Mary was to help Christians’ armies to expel Muslims. It is exactly here where the Asturian Kingdom was born and later on, become the Great Spanish Empire, the empress of the seas and oceans arose. Further we’ll make dizzy descent to the sea to Lastres small village where we will have a traditional Asturian lunch and enjoy its monuments. Further the route will pass through the village which has become famous for its beauty – Ribadesella and it is considered as the most picturesque place of the Atlantic coast. Cool bends and tremendous beauty landscapes are waiting for you on the route. On a route there are 5 stops for pictures, snacks and lunch. The route comes over with a goodbye dinner and some souvenirs detail for participants! On a route there are 4 stops for pictures, snacks and lunch.

8th Day. Breakfast at the hotel, organizational issues and a transfer to the airport, or you might go on your own route.


Information on the route and the services included in its cost:

Start of the route will be organized from: Cantabria (Laredo or Santander), Bilbao (Basque Country).

Round duration: 8 days.

Distance in kilometers: 1.600 km.

In the cost of round it is included:

Accommodation: 7 nights in the best hotels of category of 3-4 stars.

Breakfasts: 7.

Dinners: 6, drinks aren’t included.

Dinners: 2, day of welcome and goodbye dinner, drinks aren’t included.

Accompanying van.

An English-speaking accompanying translator.

Accompanying guides on motorcycles: 2 .

Round price: €1.290,0 at two-place placement and group from 6 people.


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