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fter the king Alfonso XIII has chosen Santander as a summer residence for the royal family, the city has become the attractive spot for the vacation of the courtesans and reach bankers from all over Europe. We’ll take a walk through the royal places of Santander, the streets of Belle Époque city, where life is an enjoyment, luxury and careless sojourn. Pereda gardens offer very pleasant spot of unspoiled nature in the very heart of the city. The cathedral of Santa Maria de la Asuncion tells the story of the saint Emiterio and Saint Caledonia –the guardians of the city. We have a chance to visit the main building of the biggest bank in Spain — Banco de Santander, known sponsor of the Ferrari team in Formula I. Next place we are going to visit is the royal residence park La Magdalena. The views over the Bay of Santander are marvelous from there. A small but lovely royal zoo is located at the edge of the coast, and the museum ‘The Man and The Sea’ offers the exposition of the exact duplicate of the Columbus’ caravelles and the other fearless conquerors of the sea.

We have a possibility to visit the Royal Palace itself, walk downstairs the Queen Victoria alley with its fashionable villas, and get to the most popular El Sardinero beach, neighboring the casino most beautiful in the whole Spain. For the lovers of untamed nature we give a visit to Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, where the waves are breaking at the rocks all the year round.

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