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Bus trip to Cabarceno wild nature park.

Here, at Cabarceno we suggest that a human being is a keen soul of an animal. We offer fantastic trip all over the unique spot of unspoilt nature, with its funny landscapes of mountainous debris. The idea of the founders of the Cabarceno park was to bring there various plants and animals from all the parts of the world, giving them the opportunity to live their natural lives providing them the conditions of their natural habitat, and give the opportunity to the visitors to watch the nature as it is.

At Cabarceno there’s, also, sea mammals’ pool where the Sea Lions Show take place. Another attraction to mention is the Wild Birds’ Show.  For a lunch nice tavern offers us here delicious meal and a chance to watch the biggest elephants’ horde in Europe. The route over the Cabarceno park is about 480 km long. We are going to meet the hordes of the deer, different antelope species, numerous дions’ prides, еtigers, brown bears. Unexpectedlyб we turn to the lake to spot there hippopotamuses and tapirs taking suntan. We have a chance to feed the giraffes, make friends with gorillas’ family members, monkeys, lemurs and many more.

Cabarceno offers one of the best options for the whole family adventure.


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