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Car/Minivan one day tour to Potes, Fuente Dé

Picos de Europa National Park is the most beautiful national park in Spain, the largest by area and the first declared a National Park in Spain. Our tour of the Picos de Europa National Park will go through picturesque gorge of Fuente Dé. We’re going to ride the cable car, overcoming 800 meters of altitude, and climbing to the snowy peaks of the mountains. The sightseeing platform located over there offers magnificent views of the mountain ranges, sharp crags contrasting with the green pastureland, rivers flowing far away through the valley.

We have a unique chance to walk along mountain paths at the same height with clouds and eagles gliding in the air. Going down into the valley we’ll have lunch at the restaurant offering traditional cuisine of Cantabria. Next, we’ll be moving to the fabulous town of Potes, wrapped in myths and legends as well, as the mountain ranges. Here we can visit the Museum of Witchcraft, stroll through the narrow medieval streets, and surely get to one of the bars to try the famous local Orujo liquor, and make a photo in front of the monument to the moonshine still (distillery machine). We’re going to continue our tour to the village of Barcena Mayor, where the paved streets with the architecture typical to the mountainous Cantabria, peculiar lifestyle and the scenery itself, transfers us immediately into the Middle Ages.


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