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We offer scenic tor alongside Atlantic coast of Cantabria. During the trip we are going to visit traditional fishermen villages and get acquainted with their rich history and culture.

We begin our tour of the fishermen capital of Cantabria—Castro-Urdiales. The town of the age of our era, served as one of the main ports of the ancient Roman Empire on the Atlantic coast. We’ll walk through the narrow bar streets of the city, see excavations of the Roman city, stroll through the beautiful ocean promenade bordered by the jewels of the Belle Époque architecture, mount to the castle of the 10th century, which offers stunning views of the ocean, visit the oldest Spanish Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady Blanca, look at the always-busy-port, which feeds the town for centuries. And, of course, it would be a shame not to make a pincho-tour through the local bars and taverns in Castro-Urdiales, an enjoyment that you cannot deny to yourself!! Without it, the pleasure would not be complete.

Next destination in our tour is the town of Laredo. Laredo is not only a brilliant representative of the typical fishermen settlement with a well-preserved historic center, but also the attractive choice for a beach holiday. Its beautiful endless sandy beach 6 km long cuts into the ocean bay and makes the waves endlessly crash upon it! We will start our tour in Laredo from the viewpoint, which offers magnificent panorama of the city. Then we go down to the old center, stroll through the medieval streets,go through the medieval tunnel to the ocean beach where you will learn the amazing history of its construction. We’ll have dinner at the traditional fish restaurant.

Then our tour continues to the beautiful Santoña – the world center of the anchovies production. We’ll take a walk through the orange alley located in the historic center, and visit the brand shop of the most famous anchovies factory. You will learn how to choose the anchovies upon the different type of the salting technique of this delicacy. After that we have a chance to visit the fishing port, and learn about the famous and brave sea wolves native to the town, the companions of Columbus, himself! There’s a unique opportunity to visit an ancient fort, protecting the city for more than two millennia from the invaders, offering stunning views of the ocean! We will visit the Gothic Cathedral of the XIIth century Santa María del Puerto de Santoña – patroness of the city.

Upon our desire, the tour of the fishermen Cantabria could be extended to the visit to the Museum of Navigation in Santander, proud of its rare collection of the numerous artifacts dating to the age of the great geographical discoveries, and a huge aquarium with marine life, as well.

Also, as a part of the tour we could offer you real ocean fishing experience on a modern motor boat, fully equipped to suit your needs.


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